‘Biggest Feat Since Debut 8 Years Ago’

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130221 GDYB for 1st Look Magazine

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GRI Backstage @ The Final AGT in Seoul
130215 G-Dragon vs Jung Hyung Don @ Section TV Entertainment
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G-Dragon for BSX


130213 More BIGBANG @ The Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards


130214 Mina Kwon's Instagram Update: "Black twosome day! #swag"

Black twosome day! #swag

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G-Dragon for BSX

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130206 GD Instagram Updates


채린아 이거어때 @chaelin_cl

Chaelinah, How about this? @chaelin_cl

#302stdio new #tattoo

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G-Dragon X Global Eco The Saem


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130127 ALIVE TOUR - in Seoul [FINAL]


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130204 Actress Goo Eun Ae Twitter Update: with G-Dragon & Lee SooHyuk


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130202 G-Dragon from Daniel Lee’s Bday Party

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130202 G-Dragon Instram Updates

Birthday cake

130131 BIGBANG  @ 22nd Seoul Music Awards




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Big Bang World Tour Finally Comes to an End, ‘Biggest Feat Since Debut 8 Years Ago’


Top idol group Big Bang’s 1 year world tour has finally come to a close.
On January 25-27, Big Bang held their Seoul Concert at the Olympic Stadium in front of 40,000 fans to hold their “Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour” Finale stage.

Last March, Big Bang started their world tour in Seoul and now 1 year later, Big Bang is also closing their world tour with three concerts in Seoul.
From March 2, 2012 to January 27, 2013, Big Bang traveled to 12 counties and 24 cities for a total of 48 performances in front of 800,000 fans. Their concerts gained much attention even without any official promotions.
Big Bang spent 108 days of the year overseas with 7,200 minutes of performance time, a total of 1,283 songs, 445 staff members and 144 outfits.
Also in Japan, they were the first Korean artist to perform at the 3 domes. During their world tour, they performed at the domes 6 times.
Big Bang, who debuted in 2006, is now already 8 years into the business. This world tour was a big step for them as a group and was able to spread their music globally.
During the tour, they were able to create dynamic performances due to their “Alive”, “Still Alive” and G-Dragon’s solo One of a Kind album. They were also accompanied by a live session as well.
All 20 of their songs were different and were filled with energy and power. Their professional yet free spirits on stage revealed their true passion for music and their fans.
During their press conference before their concert, Taeyang commented, “We were able to create many memories while being overseas. It was also a great experience in that we were able to spread our music and show our potential.”
Member Daesung commented, “Our songs have an extra something that sets us apart from the rest. Even when listening to the same song, you will notice that our style is a bit different.”
Member Seungricommented, “It was an honor to perform in front of all of our fans. I was so happy that K-Pop was known and loved by many people around the world. It is because of our teamwork and our hope and passion that led us to where we are now.”T.O.P commented, “I was able to feel the power of K-Pop and Big Bang through this tour. We now feel responsible for showing new and improved images to our fans.”
Leader G-Dragon commented, “There were many countries that we were visiting for the first time. We were shocked and happy to see people of different ethnicities and languages coming together through K-Pop.”
An YG Entertainment official commented, “Throughout this year, we were able to see a surprising growth in the group. The agency was so proud to see the group grow as people and an artist through this tour. It is surprising to see that it’s already been 8 years since their debut. The members became even closer after this tour.”
At their last concert in Seoul, they revealed a cake that had a world map on it that pinpointed all the countries that they visited during the tour. They yelled, “We will take over the world’.
Big Bang will continue to strive to be their best and bring wonderful music to their fans.
This year, G-Dragon will be holding his solo world tour, T.O.P will be coming out in a movie, Daesung will be releasing a solo Japan album and more. 
Source: www.kpopstarz.com

GTOP  on NB1 for BB After Party
130127 G-Dragon @ The Final Alive Galaxy Tour in Seoul

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